Shipping Rates
Available Upon Request


It's summer and it's HOT!

Summer is still a great time to share our truffles with your dog. But because it is hot that means certain measures must be taken to guarantee that our truffles arrive in excellent condition.

Because of the summer heat we must restrict our shipping to within Japan only. We can only offer international shipping from November to March.

Within Japan all truffles are shipped using Kuroneko Yamato Cool Takkyubin. Your truffles will be shipped with a cool pack as well. Upon receipt we recommend either refrigerating or freezing your truffles. Dogs love frozen truffles on a hot summer day (just make sure to give the truffles outdoors or somewhere were your pup can make a mess).


We ship with Kuroneko Yamato Takkyubin within Japan. We use EMS (Express Mail Service from the Japanese Post) for international orders. We ship from Kyushu. We would be happy to provide you with shipping rates for what you may be interested in ordering. Just send us an EMAIL and let us know where you would like the truffles shipped to and we will provide you with a quote.

We make our truffles fresh and we want to make sure that you receive them fresh as well. We make our truffles every Monday. Shipments are then put together and sent out on Tuesday. Please keep this in mind when placing your order.

All orders received by 1:00am on Monday will be included in the batches of truffles made for that week. Any orders received after this time will not be made until the following Monday.