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We use high-quality ingredients
that surpass expectations
even for human food.

Our love for dogs shows
in the care taken to make
each individual truffle.

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Happy Puppy Truffles

Heather Shida

968-01 Higashi Hirabaru
Takaki-cho Isahaya-shi
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During warmer months special rates apply. Please check our shipping costs for details.

Truffles are made on every Monday and prepared for shipment on Tuesday. Please keep this in mind when ordering.


This is a treat for your loved pets.
It is high-class, healthy and nutritious...
Ingredients are all natural which makes these treats risk-free.
I am certain that each and every treat will be the best form of love owners can give to their dogs.

Bear (Nagasaki, Japan)
Bear's favorite truffle is the Peanut Truffle.

Bear was the inspiration for our truffles. He has officially tested all of our truffles and has given his wagging tail of approval to these gourmet treats.


Reviews - Publications

InuKichi NekoKichi (Kyushu Version)
December Issue (Released 11/1/2005)
Selected Order-Made Gourmet In Japan - Page 033

(The following were comments made by the editor in reference to Happy Puppy Bakery's Truffles.)

This is a treat for your loved pets. It is high-class, healthy and nutritious which is what Happy Puppy Bakery is all about. Ingredients are all natural which makes these treats risk-free.

InuKichi NekoKichi Home Page


[Happy Puppy Truffles also operated in Japan from July 2005 through June 2006. The comment listed above reference our name at that time - Happy Puppy Bakery.]

Reviews - Veterinarian

Dr. Mori - Mori Veterinarian Clinic (Nagasaki, Japan)

(The following comments were made by Dr. Mori upon inspection of Happy Puppy Bakery's truffles.)

For pets, eating is just as meaningful, if not more so, than it is for us as humans. For dogs, getting treats can bring the same happiness as going for a walk or playing with their owner. Treats are often used as a training tool as well.
However, pets cannot choose the food they eat everyday. At times, choosing our dogs' food based on price may bring unwanted health problems due to the poor quality of "cheap" food.
Using keenly selected ingredients, I am certain that each and every treat made by Happy Puppy Bakery will be the best form of love owners can give to their dogs. All pets are sure to enjoy this wonderful selection of treats and the love between pets and owners will grow.

I love dogs. In particular I love my dog, Bear. A few years ago I was lucky enough to have Bear become part of my life. He was an abandoned dog. We were living in Japan at the time and there are so few shelters and pounds there that he really was just brought in off the street to a vet's office. My mother-in-law was taking her cat to the vet, Dr. Mori, and I had asked her to keep an eye open for any stray dogs that he may have because we wanted a dog. She brought home Bear.

Bear is a wonderful dog. He is very smart and clever and protective. We had some great years, just Bear, my husband and I. Then, just as in Lady and the Tramp, Bear had to face the fact that my husband and I were expecting our first child. When my daughter was born Bear was very understanding and also a little shy.

We had a problem though - my daughter was showing signs of a terrible allergic reaction. I am allergic to cats so I assumed it was my mother-in-law's cat and that my daughter had inherited my allergy. I guess allergies don't work that way. My daughter is very allergic to dogs. I was devestated when I heard the news as we moved Bear out of the house to be an "outside" dog.

Bear took things fairly well. But I still did everything I could to show him that he was still very important to me. I took him for walks everyday and would go play catch with him and give him baths and keep him well fed. But I wanted to do something more. That is when I thought about gourmet treats - something special that I would make for him with my own hands. He taste tested everything as I worked through different treats and varieties until I created these truffles. And that is how I came to the decision that I wanted to share my truffles with other dogs - as a way to show how much we, as humans, really love dogs and appreciate having them in our lives.

I hope you enjoy sharing these gourmet truffles with your dog. I hope that your dog loves eating them and you love watching your pup have a little something special.

- Heather Shida

2007 - All products were registered with the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

2007 - Permit to Manufacture and/or Distribute Commercial and/or Contract Feeds was isued from the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services